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27 MLAs who are absent from the assembly disobeying the instructions of the party, the party can take actionTAZAA News

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Calcutta: The Trinamool Congress can take strict action against legislators absent from the assembly without informing the party. In particular, the Trinamool Parishad party is identifying MLAs who were absent despite the PM’s instructions to vote on the resolution on ‘excessive activity’ by central investigative agencies. The list of those MLAs has already been prepared. However, the reason why they did not participate in the vote is also being investigated.

All MLAs are required to be present at the Assembly every day at the parliamentary party meeting on the first day of the Legislative Assembly session. The Assembly Minister mentioned in the meeting that it was an order from the Chief Minister. Significantly, however, 27 Trinamool MLAs abstained from voting against the central investigative agencies, sparking anger against the central ruling party. Initially it is known that Manik Bhattacharya took his leave by informing Firhad Hakim that he would not be staying for the second half of the meeting even though he came for the first half. In addition, several others informed the council minister and chief secretary in advance by phone and said their goodbyes. However, this number is not more than five or six, said the minister. Nirmal Ghosh, chief secretary of the ruling party, said that the total number of MLAs who voted and got the permit is no more than 200. 216 party MLAs, but where were the others? According to the chief secretary, the parliamentary party will show absentees a ‘yellow card’ and clearly inform them that ‘this is the last chance’.

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