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40 gun violence incidents, 69 deaths in 27 days this year in America, but how many people lost their lives last year? Heartbreaking numbers appearedTAZAA News

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40 incidents of gun violence, 69 deaths in 27 days this year in the United States, but…

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) Shooting incidents have increased this year in the United States, three mass shootings occurred in California within a week. A 72-year-old Asian immigrant opened fire on 11 people who had gathered to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year at a suburban dance hall on Saturday night. He died before the police arrived. In another incident, Zhao Chunli, 66, was arrested after two attacks on California farms that killed five men and two women.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, the number of mass shootings this January is the highest of any January. The organization has tracked 40 cases of at least 69 deaths in the US this month, with just 27 days left in the new year. More people die from gun deaths in America than from any other cause, including terrorism.

In 2022 alone, there will be approximately 44,000 gun-related deaths in the United States, including homicides, accidents, and self-defense incidents. Additionally, there were 648 mass shootings last year, 21 of which resulted in five or more deaths. As of 2020, there have been 1,987 mass shootings in the United States in which four or more people have been killed or injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive.


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