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7-year-old girl was killed by Saddam in the house, murdered with knives TAZAA News

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A case of cruelty has come to light with a 7-year-old innocent in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. There, a man named Saddam stabbed the innocent child to death by stabbing him with knives. The local people caught the accused and handed him over to the police.

According to the report, a 7-year-old innocent girl living in Azad Nagar, Indore was staying with her maternal grandfather after the death of her mother. Saddam, who lives in the neighborhood, picked him up on Friday (23 September 2022) morning and took him to his house. During this, when she was not seen for a long time, her family members started searching.

The family members who were looking for the girl were told by the locals that they had seen the girl with Saddam. After this, many people, including the girl’s family, reached Saddam’s house. Even after shouting for a long time, Saddam was not ready to open the gate of the house.

The family members kept shouting – ‘Saddam leave the child.’ But he didn’t listen to anyone. In the end, when the local people broke down the gate of Saddam’s house, they saw that the girl was covered in blood. Saddam has killed him.

After the incident, when the body was being brought home after the post-mortem, angry people pelted stones outside Azad Nagar police station. Due to the huge crowd, the police even had to lathi-charge to disperse the people. People were not ready to go, then people calmed down after the police explained and assured action.

After the arrest of Saddam, accused of killing an innocent girl, the municipal corporation also appeared active and within 5 hours the house of the accused was demolished.

In this case, ADCP Zone-1 Jaiveer Singh Bhadauria says that the accused has been arrested. The relatives of the accused say that Saddam is deranged. However, the police have not yet received his medical certificate. In the interrogation of the police, the accused Saddam is talking deluded. He sometimes says that he liked the little girl of 5 years, sometimes he says that he does not know why he killed the girl.

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