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’90 so what, even in 180 days there will be no mid-term elections’TAZAA News

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s interpretation of the by-elections is very ambiguous and the courts also support them. In one ruling, a judge says that by-elections should not be held in vacant seats, and in another, another judge says that the Election Commission must consult with the governor and call a by-election within 90 days. I am saying based on experience that this election will not be held in 90 days anyway and PTI is responsible. In the current situation, I think it is a big deal if this election is held even after 180 days. Former Prosecutor General and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Irfan Qadir said about this.

Irfan Qadir while speaking on the talk show “Khabar Se Ai” of Naya Dur TV said that the single bench of the Lahore High Court has written a decision on the by-elections, so I will tell you where so much has been said, then the judge should conduct the elections themselves. How can a Supreme Court judge order the Election Commission of Pakistan? This judge’s order is against the Constitution. It is not written anywhere in the constitution that the election commission announces the election after consultation with the governor.

He said that courts have interfered in political decisions and this is a wrong practice. In several judgments of the Supreme Court, it is written that the courts do not enter into scientific questions. These things should have been told by lawyers to the Supreme Court, but since the start of the lawyers’ movement, lawyers and judges have become angry with each other. The judges of the Lahore High Court think they can legislate, even though the Constitution of Pakistan does not allow them to. I hope that the Chief Election Commissioner will not take any action that violates the Constitution in accordance with the judgment of the Supreme Court.

Ahmad Bilal Mehbub, chairman of PLDAT, said that the Punjab assembly was not dissolved on the advice of the governor, so the governor has no authority to set the election day. My displeasure with this decision of the Lahore High Court is that the judge has created something new by ignoring the written instructions. In my opinion, this is not the right move. I think this is a cause for concern because it is becoming a trend for the courts to write their own constitutions and laws. In its decision, the court completely ignored the Prime Minister, the administrative head of the region.

Chief Secretaries, Prime Ministers, Security Agencies, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance submitted reports to the Electoral Commission on the delay of the elections. The Electoral Commission will decide, after examining them, how necessary these reasons are for postponing the elections. If the Electoral Commission agrees to postpone the election, the decision will be reviewed by the Supreme Court or the Supreme Court. Politically, postponing the election is a costly deal for the PDM as people think the government is running away from the election out of fear.

Analyst Fauzia Yazdoni said that the Election Commission has unlimited powers to hold elections on time, but if they do not do so, will they be closed by the president, the answer to this question is not found in the Constitution. Even if the President announces the date of the election after consultation with the Election Commission, the Election Commission has the right to change the date by giving reasons in writing. The judge of the Lahore High Court spoke about the completion of legal ijtihad, so when the country has the instructions of the constitution and the law in this regard, then what is required for legal ijtihad. Thus, your constitutional duties are not fulfilled. Courts with such decisions add to political uncertainty and polarization in the country.

The presenters of the program were Murtaza Solangi and Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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