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HomeNationalA 4,000-home Mountfield Park scheme is close to approvalTAZAA News

A 4,000-home Mountfield Park scheme is close to approvalTAZAA News

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Developers hoping to build a 4,000-home development on prime farmland are closer to success after submitting revised proposals.

Plans for Mountfield Park, south of Canterbury, have been dogged by a series of legal issues and delays, with a High Court battle culminating last October when the city council withdrew support for the project.

Developer Corinthian Land looks to be on the verge of securing much-needed planning permission after authority planners backed the development this week.

Officials said that the Garden City scheme will not have any significant environmental impact. Critics still fear it will swamp neighboring streets with congestion and that the infrastructure around Canterbury is inadequate to support such a large development.

David Kemsley, a member of the Alliance of Canterbury Residents, said: “If this scheme goes ahead the areas will be a mess, the roads will be log jammed. This part of the county is flooded with traffic”.

He continued “The developer may have won the legal battle and this time they may have won the battle to get the plans approved, but they certainly haven’t won the hearts of the residents”.

We are concerned that the scheme will be fully implemented as it is fully in line with the local plan

Sadly, the developer doesn’t care about the residents, they run a business and probably don’t live anywhere near Canterbury.

The basis of the proposal remains the same as before, but plans for a hotel and convention center on the farmland have now been scrapped. The garden city will still include new schools, office space, community buildings, sports facilities and a health centre.

Not only that, but part of the huge site has also been earmarked for a 1,000-space park and ride facility that sits alongside the A2.

Campaigners are still concerned about the huge footprint on grade-one farmland that has produced food for generations. They fear that people will turn around and say, ‘Why did we allow this to happen’, but it will be too late. Once the land is built up, it cannot become agricultural land again.

Councilors will meet next Thursday to consider the proposals.

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