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HomeBusinessA Chinese billionaire has mysteriously disappearedTAZAA News

A Chinese billionaire has mysteriously disappearedTAZAA News

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Beijing: Chinese billionaire investor Bao Fan has mysteriously disappeared.

According to a foreign news agency, the bank founded by the missing investor Bao Fan has revealed that they have not known anything for the past few days and it is not known how long Bao Fan has been missing.

According to the office staff, Bao Fan has not come to the office for 2 days and has not been contacted. Bao Fan Kong Lin, president of the bank, has been under investigation since September 2022.

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It is worth noting that the Chinese investor Bao Fan is one of the most important dealers in the technology industry and controls several large companies.

Bao Fan started his career as a banker in the American company Morgan Stanley and founded his own bank in 2005.

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