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A country that sells expensive oil at a low price will become like Sri Lanka, the flow of gas has stopped, said Dr. Mossadiq Malik.TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Lahore (Kvadrat newspaper) State Minister of Oil Dr. Mossadiq Malik said that a country that sells cheap oil will become like Sri Lanka. rich, the detailed report came out, I wrote the report myself, but let the cabinet confirm it, from which world Khan Sahib came so that you don’t end up in prison. Ha, Hawa Asif is my boss but Pakistan will not default, elections should be held on time, no government decides about elections, only Election Commission decides. In future it will be abolished, two countries during Imran Khan’s rule, Pakistan the rich and the Pakistan of the poor, the current government stands with the poor and stands with the old Pakistan.
Musadiq Malik said during a press conference at the press club that since he took charge of the ministry, he learned that Imran Khan is right that there are not one but two Pakistanis. one hero, Nawaz Sharif lost his son for not getting salary and another person is sitting comfortably in Pakistan where he gets 450 channels and 250 million profit. children go to jail and one is Pakistan where Imran Khan says people leave home don’t put me in jail what world did Imran Khan come from not to be jailed one is Pakistan where he deliberately killed his daughter in the dark of night he is handcuffed in front of his father’s eyes and Pakistan is one where they say, Khan Sahib, it doesn’t matter if you can’t do it today, come tomorrow, open a court, come anytime. , but Imran Khan, who is a person of another world, said at 9 o’clock So, won’t my lawyer come?
Musaddiq Malik said that Pakistan is one where there are big brand cars and on the other hand poor children are dying of hunger. On the one hand, people cannot raise their children, but on the other hand, cars worth billions of rupees, whose names are unknown, are coming. They stand with Pakistan and tax not the poor, but the powerful.
Today we have separated two different Pakistan, after today gas price will be different for poor people, gas price will be cheap for poor people and different for rich areas, gas tariff will be reduced for 60% people of the country, Yuds Administration of those who use gas , three times, and the poor pay less than half.
He said that there are 1000 people who occupy the country, the country was built for them, the country is for four or six capitalists, Qatar gas is given to energy companies for three dollars, gas is given to Seths for seventy cents. This is not happening now, the Prime Minister’s order is to give Power as much new gas as possible, a unit of LNG costs twenty six rupees.
He said we are dying for a billion dollars from the IMF, but in this poor country, people buy cars worth a billion dollars that you can’t even name. Saheh says there are two Pakistans he has benefited from during his tenure in Sheth, one is the old Pakistan and we are with the poor. He said that if there is a problem in the board and the executive power, the problem will be solved in the next few days, if they cannot do this, the country is destroyed by the subsidy, and those who want to withdraw the money. gas office money, then return it.
Musaddiq Malik said that the distribution report has been published, he wrote the report himself, but it should be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The future of the country is in the development of industry, we promote small businesses for young people coming out of colleges, we are not against industrialization, but it prefers small and medium, the price of oil products is related to the international market and it is also related to the dollar. .
You have to pay the price of oil by buying dollars, the weakening of the rupee will increase the price of oil. If you sell oil at a lower price than the market, the country will default. He said that according to the agreement with Russia, at the end of March. Or by the beginning of April. they give an order, gas will arrive by May, people will benefit from receiving oil from Russia, 10,000 megawatts of solar energy will be installed in the system, 600 megawatts will be installed in the places where they are installed. does not receive subsidies.
He said that the election should be held on time, no government decides the election, only the Election Commission decides, the reason Pakistan is in a state of ruin is that when Khan Sahib left, he gave cheap oil worth two hundred billion. rupees. Every month the country starts a banking crisis, which country sells cheap oil, then it becomes like Sri Lanka.
Musaddy Malik said yes, they are taxed, all these luxuries are taxed, because two states have been built here, which must be abolished. A rich country, a poor country, a powerful country and a weak country, today we are separated. two countries and governments have decided to side with the poor man and not with the rich and powerful.
After today, the price of gas will be different for a poor person and for a rich man, if a poor person uses two units of gas, he should pay a cheaper price, and if people in Defense, Clifton, Gulberg, F6 areas use two units. If they do, the price gas will be higher and they will have to pay. The bills of 60% of the people of Pakistan have decreased or will remain the same as before. If he does. less than half the payment.
He said that the problem of this country is that about 1000 people occupy this country and it seems that this country was made only for them, this country is not 22 million people, but a country of 4 or 6 investors. to get a billion dollars from the IMF, but in this poor country, people are getting billion dollar cars that you can’t even name.
Minister of State Musaddiq Malik said that Khawaja Asif is my leader, I can’t deny what he said, but Pakistan is not in default right now, because default happens when a country is unable to pay its debts and it asks the international community to pay its debts. to pay Perhaps Khawa Asif was talking about the difficulty in opening the LC and to that extent he is right that there are problems in opening the LC, but the country is not currently in default. .


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