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A decision to collect 76 billion rupees from domestic consumers using more than 300 units of electricityTAZAA News

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Islamabad (Ruzi Kudrat) The Economic Coordination Committee approved the increase in the price of “Paracetamol” and the reduction of the price of 20 medicines. in the price of fever medicine and loans for energy projects

According to the ECC statement, it has been decided to increase the price of anti-malarial drugs, the price of Paracetamol 500 mg has been approved by Rs 2.6 and the price of Paracetamol Extra 500 mg has been approved. While a reduction in the prices of 20 medicines was also approved, an additional charge of one rupee per unit was approved, a surcharge of Rs 76 billion will be levied on domestic consumers using more than 300 units of electricity. Electricity consumers According to the announcement, about electricity bills. From March to June of this year, the surcharge will be applied to consumers of all electricity distribution companies, including “Elekrak”. guarantee to the company to pay the amount including interest Economic Coordinating Committee in August and September 2022 in the Additional Will Adjustment Payments were also approved, while the electricity payments in August and September of the flood-affected areas were exempted, applicable to domestic consumers using 300 CCM units.

The ECC also approved deferment of August and September electricity bills for commercial consumers in flood-affected areas, Rs 10.34 crore grant for electricity bills of flood-affected areas. The meeting approved a grant of 45 million rupees to the Ministry of Defense.


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