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A driver has set a world record by driving a car in reverse gear for a mile TAZAA News

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Kentucky: A driver in the US entered the Guinness Book of Records by driving a Corvette in reverse gear for a mile.

According to the details, a man named Scott Brenner from the American state of Kentucky has made this record. The record was set at the National Corvette Museum’s NCM Motorsport Park.

Scott Brunner has previously appeared on his YouTube channel Always In Reverse testing the reverse driving capabilities of various vehicles, choosing the 2017 Corvette to set the record.

In this regard, Scott Brunner said that he decided to achieve this record after he learned that he had already unconfirmedly broken the previous record.

Scott Brunner said it took him two years to achieve the Guinness World Record. He drove a mile in reverse in 75.18 seconds, breaking the previous record of 97.02 seconds.

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