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A government guarantee to the IMF of 300 billion rupees in new taxesTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

ISLAMABAD (Kudrat Raz) Pakistan’s economic group has made progress on many issues in detailed talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation, Pakistan has assured the IMF to impose new taxes of three hundred billion rupees. Conditions for Imran Khan to sign the agreement.

Flood charges and bank profits will also be taxed. According to sources, the Kisan package in the energy sector, Balochistan is ready to keep the subsidy in tubewell and AJK, the energy subsidy to exporters will end. , the IMF believes that the revenue shortfall is 840 billion rupees, according to the Pakistani authorities, this shortfall will be between 400 and 450 billion rupees. According to the Ministry of Finance, the authorities have also proposed measures to reduce the revenue. Sources say that the IMF has recommended 17 to 18 percent GST taxation, flood tax and bank profits will also be taxed. There is also discussion about the termination of some tax benefits. It will be settled with the IMF by May 9 and the discussion of the mid-term budget framework will begin in February. reforms in the energy sector Sources According to information, technical negotiations in the energy sector will continue until Monday. The FBI also notified the IMF of proposals for new tax measures worth around 300 billion rupees through the Tax Law Reform Order 2023.

The International Monetary Fund has identified the main threats to Pakistan’s economy, due to which there is a possibility that cigarettes, cold drinks and plane tickets will become more expensive. It called this shortage a threat to Pakistan’s economy. According to sources.

The main reason for Pakistan’s current economic and financial problems is the effective implementation of the credit program. According to sources, the government has assured the IMF that next week it will take steps to increase revenue, including increasing taxes on cigarettes and airline tickets. Sources have proposed raising the federal excise duty by 17 percent on airline tickets and 50 paise on expensive cigarettes, increasing the tax on energy drinks and levying a tax on bank income.


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