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A herd of elephants standing on the side of the road, looks like a big crowdTAZAA News

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Nagarakata: Following the opening of the garden, the Red Bank Forest is being cleared. Because of this, the herd of elephants that has settled there for a long time is in trouble. The situation is now where herds of elephants are coming in. A herd of 20 to 22 elephants has been standing on the road from Red Bank to Ambari Tea Estate since Thursday afternoon. Upon receiving the information, the Forestry Department’s Dyna range staff rushed to the scene. They watch the elephants until night. Later the herd returned to the Chunavati forest. “The elephants are being closely monitored,” said Pranab Das, a ranger at the Dyna shooting range.

According to the forestry department and local sources, after the opening of the Red Bank Tea Garden a month and a half ago, the work of clearing the growing forest began. The elephants that house a section of the garden are now in trouble. That’s why the group of savages always comes out. On this day, the herd of elephants with several cubs come and stand by the busy road. You have to go from Red Bank to Ambari Bagan by that route. Seeing so many elephants together within arm’s reach arouses curiosity among passersby. On the other hand, in the afternoon, another herd of elephants came out of the Dharanipur forest and entered the Dharanipur tea garden. There is currently a herd of 3-4 elephants in Dina Forest. They are attacking separately, sometimes towards High Kalabari and sometimes towards Devpara Tea Garden.


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