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A hub for UK offshore companies, 52,000 properties owned by anonymous investorsTAZAA News

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LONDON: Britain has become the second largest center for offshore companies, with around 52,000 properties in the country owned by anonymous investors.

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This revelation about the United Kingdom was made by Transparency International UK in its report, which clearly states that over £6.7 billion (about $8.1 billion) worth of property, including luxury properties through secret offshore companies is “dirty”. has been purchased.

A report on luxury properties in the UK says the unnamed investors include people close to the Kremlin. It is worth noting that London is called the second home of Russian billionaires.

The report says the assets exist despite laws aimed at preventing the transfer, distribution and circulation of Russian currency in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

It should be remembered that not long ago a global real estate scandal was revealed in Panama, in which the names of many international personalities were recorded.

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Interestingly, the UK also launched an anti-terrorist operation last year to target Russian money flowing in from shell companies and tax havens.

A report by Transparency International UK says that a fifth of this amount, or £1.5 billion in real estate, came from Russia.

The report says there are more than 18,000 offshore companies in the UK and Wales, with a total of 52,000 properties.

In connection with this report, it is admitted that these offshore companies either completely ignored the existing law, or provided information that no one knows who they are buying the property.

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According to Transparency International UK, Britain has become a center of illegal money, so it is necessary for the government to take stricter measures in this regard.

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