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A joint operation by the Rangers and police, more wanted suspects were arrestedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

During a joint operation between the Rangers and the Pakistani police, the most wanted accused, Abdul Baqir alias Rehman Chotu, was arrested.

According to details, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) and police have arrested the most wanted accused of Lari gang war from Orangi town of Baloch area of ​​Karachi while conducting a joint operation based on intelligence. .

The accused was involved in the aerial firing to extort money from various traders and builders in Lari and to spread fear in the region.

Accused further disclosed that he was also involved in Lyari gang war and drug dealing for Rashid Chikna.

The accused has been arrested and jailed several times before, while raids are underway to nab other accomplices of the accused.

The arrested accused with weapons and ammunition were handed over to the police for further action.

Apart from this, the wanted accused Mustafa was caught injured in a two-way exchange of fire between the operatives of the Lari gang and the police in Mahhar Colony area of ​​Karachi.

In this regard, according to SSP Kemari Fida Hussain Januri, the police arrested the wanted accused Mustafa in an injured state after a heated exchange between the two sides, while the accomplices of the accused managed to escape.

SSP Kemari says that the arrested accused was wanted by the police after his presence in the mosquito colony near the forest was reported by the police at 3 am.

During the event, the accused and his colleagues opened fire on police officers, during the retaliatory action, the accused was injured, and an illegal weapon and a stolen motorcycle were recovered from the accused.

The arrested accused was on the run in the case of the police encounter in Machar Colony on October 30, the accused was also involved in the torture and death of employees of a private telecommunication company in Machar Colony on October 28, while the accused was an activist of the Lari group. war in the past and 4 He also took part in killing people.

Cases have been registered against the accused in various police departments, and the accused, who was injured in the encounter with the police, has been transferred to the civil hospital for trial.

Cases have been registered against the accused in accordance with the provisions of the Sinai Law on Weapons, and additional investigations are underway.

On the other hand, two armed suspects were arrested in an injured condition in a police encounter near Korangi Hospital No. 1 Mehr-ul-Nisa in Karachi.

According to the police, two armed suspects were arrested in a wounded condition after a two-way gunfight between the police and the suspects near Korangi Maharlansa Hospital.

Weapons, 2 bullets, 4 stolen mobile phones and cash were recovered from the arrested suspects.

It is said that the arrested and injured theft suspects are Nur Alam and Abdul Karim. According to the police, during the initial investigation, most of the incidents were revealed by the arrested and injured suspects in different places in Malir and Korangi districts.

The police officers have taken disciplinary measures, the arrested accused have been taken to the hospital for medical assistance and further investigation is ongoing.

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