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A man climbed an electric pole to record a protest against the railway policeTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

A passenger climbed an electric pole to protest against the railway police, who refused to report the theft of his belongings on the train, 24NewsHD TV channel reports.

According to initial reports, an unidentified passenger was traveling to Karachi from the Rahman Baba Express train, when his luggage bag was stolen.

At the railway station, he tried to complain to the concerned police station about the stolen goods, but the police did not cooperate. It is said that the police officers considered him a madman and refused to register a case in his favor.

According to eyewitnesses, the frustrated passenger took a drastic step and climbed the electric pole near the station.

Other passengers stopped the passenger, but he did not listen to their requests.

Suddenly, he slipped from a great height, fell straight to the ground and was seriously injured.

To his chagrin, instead of taking him to a nearby medical facility for treatment of his serious injuries, the railway police forcefully escorted him to Karachi on the Hazara Express train.

The Rohri Railway Police expressed indifference to the whole matter.

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