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A sad clown joke that became a beloved memeTAZAA News

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Colossal first heard Pagliacci’s story while studying at the School of Visual Arts in 2000—one of his teachers handed him a piece. Watchmen Photocopies for class. Colossal, 41, who lives in New York, says, “I was a little dumb in my 20s. A few years later, he had an opportunity to “suppress the inherent.” But Colossal doesn’t remember exactly why he made the joke about Pagliacci in 2011—though he notes that’s when the mental health debate took off online.

“My partner started talking a lot more about her mental health, and I learned that there were things my friends and I weren’t talking about,” says Colossal. Thinking about it, the fact that “it’s clearly a bad doctor” prompts his gag.

Colossal says that a decade ago he tweeted for his friends in comics. Although the references to Paglia were not as popular as they are today, he was sure that at least some of his followers would get the joke. Gregory Erskine, a 43-year-old man from Kentucky, spun the story in November 2012. Tweet, as the patient ends the exchange, “PAGLIACCI? Ha ha, bichin, I love that guy. He was happy with the idea that the doctor’s advice was effective and thought that at least one of his followers would get the suggestion as well (he got 22 retweets).

“Because the original joke is this kind of hollow, lonely sigh of atomized nihilism,” Erksin says, “any riffs interrupt that,” says Erksin, “whether they’re hilarious or vicious or stupid or suggestive. In fact, we’re all a lot less alone than the original joke suggests. Today, Erskine says Pagliacci “is floating around the collective consciousness like apples.”

But how about Pagliacci’s references to common, orchard-type apples? Everything changed when comedian Robin Williams committed suicide in August 2014. Many entertainers from the actor Patton Oswalt To the author Patrick Rothfuss To the podcaster Jason Snell– Pagliacci tweeted the article in response to his death. Google searches for “Dr. Pagliacci” increased dramatically.

Meanwhile, Robin Williams, a millennial UX designer from Canada and the Watchmen Quote – It got 2,200 upvotes on Reddit. “Robin Williams died by suicide really shocked me,” said the designer, who asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. He felt the comparison to Paglia was apt, “because the parallels are so strong. He was so happy and gave such joy to so many people. He probably helped so many people through their own depression or struggles, yet he could not overcome his own.”

Pagliacci entered the cultural consciousness in an unprecedented way and, in the following years, broke into the story became growing up Popular On Twitter, a site unashamedly allergic to seriousness. In January 2020, the animated comedy Bojack is a horseman performed its own version of the joke.


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