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A woman who was trapped under the rubble died after giving birthTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Web table: The terrible earthquake in Turkey brought tears to every eye. Everywhere there are scenes of destruction not seen in Turkey’s 100-year history.

The 9.7-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks after 8 hours caused fear not only in the whole country, but also in the whole world, and also shook the land of Syria. The death of more than 4,000 people showed the other side of the apocalypse.

While the number of deaths due to the earthquake has increased, there are also lucky ones who survived by God’s mercy. What God wills, no one can destroy, this miracle was also seen in this event. Where a pregnant woman was buried under the rubble and because of her poor condition, a child was born in the same rubble, the mother died, but the baby survived. This is the great charisma of nature that everyone in the world media is amazed to see.

When the rescue workers pulled out from the rubble, everyone was surprised to see the baby alive. Videos of this baby are also circulating on social networks. According to details, the child has been shifted to a safe place and is completely healthy.

On the other hand, another video of the earthquake in Syria is spreading on social networks, in which a young girl is injured. According to the media, after her house collapsed in the earthquake, this girl escaped from the rubble, but the sad thing is that most of her family members did not survive. The video shows that the girl suffered physical injuries. face.. there are many signs. On social networks, users express their deepest condolences and pray for the girl’s speedy recovery.


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