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A young man with contact lenses has lost one of his eyesTAZAA News

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Photo: Mike Krumholz
Photo: Mike Krumholz

Contact lenses have become very popular these days, earlier it was only used by the visually impaired, but now everyone is using colored contact lenses for fashion.

If you are one of those people who are careless with contact lenses or sleep with them, then don’t do this as it can affect your eyes.

A similar unfortunate incident happened in the US state of Florida, where a man named Mike Krumholz forgot to take out his contact lenses the night before bed and woke up in the morning unable to see at all in one eye, even though it was very red.

According to a report in the British Journal, 21-year-old Mike accidentally fell asleep with the lens on and woke up the next morning with parasites inside one of his eyes, causing an infection.

At this point, young Mike said that I can’t work or go out with one eye, I’m going through the hardest times right now, I can’t see anything with that eye.


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