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aai kuthe kay karte, Video : Anirudh gets irritated again by Anish, Ashutosh hits it hard! – Aai kuthe kay karte heated debate between Milind Gawali as Aniruddha and Omkar Govardhan Ashutosh TAZAA News

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Mumbai : In order to engage the audience, new events are happening every day in the serial Ai Khe Kya Kareta. In fact, now so many new serials have started that it is a big challenge for everyone. Maintaining and growing your audience. The survival of the serial depends on the calculation of TRP. Even now, the events and dialogues of the serial Ai Khe Kya Kya are sensible and relevant.

A video of the next episode has gone viral. In it, Anirudh comes to Ashutosh’s house. He is very angry. Because he knows that Anish has taken admission in Isha’s college. He says, now you will remove the reason and live under Isha. I will not tolerate it at all. You change your college.

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Arundhati, Nitin are all present at Ashutosh’s house. Anish gets scared seeing Anirudh’s look. But Ashutosh strongly tells Anirudh, if you have any problem, you should change Isha’s college. Anish will not change. Anirudh is speechless hearing this. What will happen next will be revealed in a few days.

After the incident at Mahila Ashram, Ashutosh’s hand hurts. Arundhati starts taking care of him more. It will be known in a few days whether the tunes of both will match. A woman has taken refuge in Mahila Ashram in fear. She wants protection from her husband. Arundhati and Ashutosh reach there. Arundhati gives her courage. At that time, her husband is present there and forcibly takes his wife away.

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Ashutosh and Arundhati fall into. He pushes Arundhati and puts a sura on Ashutosh’s neck. Ashutosh should have called the police. This will also be shown in the coming episodes.

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