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Abolish Talaq e Ahsaan TAZAA News

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Litigation in Supreme Court.. Notice to center to reply

New Delhi, September 19: A suit was filed in the Supreme Court challenging the legality of Talaq-e-Ahsaan, which purports to dissolve a marriage under Muslim Personal Law. A woman from Pune filed this suit seeking to declare it unconstitutional. The bench of Justice SK Kaul and Justice A. S. Okala gave a notice to the central government on Monday to answer this. According to this system, the husband who wants to divorce first says talaq. After that, a deadline of 90 days will be given. Even during this time, if the relations between husband and wife do not improve, the marriage is declared annulled. The woman filed a lawsuit saying it was arbitrary and illegal. The woman, who is an engineer, got married two years ago. She was sent out of the house as she did not bring dowry. Information was sent in the husband’s register post saying Talaq a Ahsan. She approached the court on this.

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