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HomeBusinessAdditional taxes were forced during the restoration, Isaac DarTAZAA News

Additional taxes were forced during the restoration, Isaac DarTAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that additional taxes have been imposed under duress, obviously inflation is beyond the tolerance of the people.

Ishaq Dar, the Minister of Finance, while speaking in the National Assembly, said that we had negotiations with the IMF for ten days and tried to introduce the minimum taxes, the cost of electricity production will not be recovered due to the loss of lines, electricity theft. And there is also non-payment. , we fulfill the budget orders.

Ishaq Dar said that additional taxes were imposed under pressure, inflation is beyond the tolerance of the people, past economic policies have created problems, the agreement with the IMF was signed by the previous government, the government violated the terms of the agreement. peoples.

He said that the amount of Benazir’s income sports program has increased by 40 billion rupees. In the next few days, the prime minister will present the program of reducing public expenses in the House of Representatives, and announce the program of savings and savings. They have debts. to reduce through

2.5 lakh for club class air tickets to America and Canada, Rs 75,000 for club class tickets to Africa and Middle East, Rs 1.5 lakh for club class air tickets to Europe, the finance minister said. Lacs are taxed, all of which are adjustable.

He went on to say that the advance tax on income from the sale of shares has been kept at ten percent, the law has added to the FED on cigarettes, that each cigarette company pays a fixed tax for each brand, food and drink. No additional tax was charged.

The Federal Finance Minister while addressing the National Assembly said that the government has decided to increase the tax on shares. There is a proposal to increase the tax on cigarettes, in this context, amendments will be made. In the additional financial budget, 170 billion tax should have been collected at the expense of the energy sector. I am sure that with the adoption of the bill, the country will get rid of financial problems, the country will soon go on the path of development.

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