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After the electricity, the price of gas also went up a lotTAZAA News

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Islamabad: The federal government has hiked gas prices after increasing electricity prices.

Approval of Rs 7 hike in electricity prices for domestic consumers

The major hike in gas prices was approved at a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee chaired by Senator Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister of Finance.

In this regard, according to the government’s decision, the price of gas was increased from 16.6% to 124%, but domestic consumers who use up to 50 cubic meters of gas will be exempted from the price increase.

ECC approved price hike of 18 medicines

For household consumers who consume 100 cubic meters of gas, its price has been increased by 16.6 percent and the price of 100 cubic meters of gas has been increased from Rs. consumption, the price for domestic consumers was increased from 553 soums to 730 million soums.

The increase in gas prices has been applied to all sectors, including domestic, commercial, power, fertiliser, cement and CNG sectors.

It is worth noting that the increase in the price of natural gas was approved earlier at the meeting of the Economic Coordinating Committee chaired by Ishaq Dar, Minister of Finance.

29 items, including oil, beans, rice, garlic, potatoes and chicken, have increased in price

Yesterday, the government approved a hike in electricity prices by Rs 7 per unit, while the prices of medicines were also hiked two days ago.

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