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Air pollution is reaching dangerous levels in Delhi.. Doctors say it is difficult to breathe! TAZAA News

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Air pollution has started again in Delhi. Until recently, the people of the city, who were breathing a bit of good air with the rains and winds, are now in danger once again. As the rains recede, farmers in neighboring states are starting to burn crop residues in their fields. The pollution is getting worse day by day. Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi’s Anand Vihar was recorded as 263 at 7 am on Wednesday (Wednesday). Officials say that it is very dangerous and air pollution is damaging.

Yesterday too the air quality index in Anand Vihar, Delhi’s most polluted neighbourhood, reached the critical category. Delhi reported cloudy air quality with AQI of 180 on Monday. The air quality index indicates 119 on Sunday, 70 on Saturday and 47 on Friday. Doctors say that such weather can have serious consequences for those who already have cardiopulmonary diseases. This increases the risk of breathing problems, lung problems, asthma and heart disease.

Air quality index is above 100 in most parts of Delhi. It is dangerous for residents. An AQI of zero to 50 is considered “excellent”. 51 to 100 is referred to as “Acceptable”. 101 to 200 is considered moderate, 201 to 300 is considered poor, 301 to 400 is considered very poor air quality by meteorologists. And.. 401 to 500 is considered dangerous.- According to Skymet Weather Report.. Due to the winds blowing from east and west, the air quality in Delhi is getting damaged and air pollutants are coming in more.

Pollutants are flooding the city since morning due to strong winds. According to the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Decision Support System, the transport industry was responsible for 14-22% of the PM2.5 pollution in Delhi on September 19. It is expected to increase by 33% by September 21.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Roy had earlier announced that the city government would launch a 15-point action plan in September to tackle winter air pollution. The plan will prioritize waste management, dust pollution, vehicular emissions, open waste burning, industrial pollution, green war room, green delhi application, pollution hotspots, real time segregation study, smog tower, e-waste parks, plantation, eco farming etc. .

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