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Al-Khidmat Foundation Announces Rs 50 Million Relief Package For Victims – Public NewsTAZAA News

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Lahore: Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has announced a relief package of 50 million rupees for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Officials of “Al-Khidmat” Foundation held a press conference regarding the earthquake situation in Turkey and Syria and the relief activities of “Al-Khidmat” Foundation.

A press conference dedicated to the post-earthquake situation in Turkey and Syria and relief activities of the “Al-Khidmat” Foundation was held in the Lahore press club. Al Khidmat Foundation Secretary General Syed Waqos Jafari, Al Khidmat Global Managing Director Shahid Iqbal and Senior Media Relations Manager Shoaib Hashmi participated in it.

Speaking at the press conference, Syed Waqqas Jafari said that Al-Khidmat gave loans to speed up the relief work. “Faz Bhi” campaign has started. Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has started relief work with 50 million rupees to help earthquake victims and brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria. In it, 6,200 tents, 25,000 blankets, 10,000 tarpaulins and 300 tons of food will be sent to Turkey and Syria.

He said that immediately after the earthquake, Al-Khidmat, with the help of partner organizations in Turkey and Syria, continues to deliver cooked food, food packages, warm clothes, tents, beds and blankets. Turkey and Syria are our Islamic brother countries and we have long-standing relations with both countries. When there was a need in Pakistan, our brothers and sisters in Turkey generously helped us, now it is our duty to support them in this difficult hour.

Shahid Iqbal, Executive Director of Al-Khidmat Global, said that the Vice President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, Muhammad Abdul Shakur, is traveling to Turkey and Syria to monitor relief operations, where he deals with financial aid. Turkish government, charitable organizations, Pakistani students and business people. At the request of the Natural Disasters and Emergencies Agency (AFAD) of the Ministry of Interior, a team of 47 volunteers from Al-Khidmat Earthquake and Rescue is present in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, which AFAD calls Pak 10. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to search for people under the rubble and the operation was carried out with the advice and support of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Islamabad and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TECA) of Pakistan.

He said that 3 teams of Al-Khidmat volunteers are serving in the field in 2 shifts and Al-Khidmat volunteers are equipped with audio search camera, hydraulic tool, blanket, saw, hammer, sharpener, gas detector, spinal board, with advanced equipment such as equipped with extraction device and folding arm. To ensure your safety, a personal emergency rescue kit includes survival bags, warm coats, socks, gloves, fleece hats, thermal vests, hand-held flashlights, megaphones and batteries, bolt cutters, lifelines, and other items such as dead bags. also included in the volunteer collection.

He further said that the high-rise buildings were destroyed, but in the hope of saving the lives of their loved ones, the rescue team of Al-Khidmat Foundation along with Pak Army and Rescue 1122 put all their efforts behind the problem. from the weather. has been

Senior Media Relations Manager Shoaib Hashmi said that along with food and shelter, a large-scale medical relief operation is needed in the earthquake-affected areas. Al-Khidmat has initially conducted medical camps in Turkey and Syria with the help of Turkish-Pakistani doctors, while another seven-member medical team will also be sent to Turkey, consisting of orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, anesthesiologists and others. employees included. The team of doctors also carries with them the necessary equipment and medicines, which, if necessary, will continue the medical operations in the earthquake-affected areas.

Syed Waqqas Jafari said that the Al-Khidmat Foundation is in contact with the Turkish Embassy in Pakistan, Turkish aid organizations and continues to provide comprehensive assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

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