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America is also close to bankruptcy, the government and the opposition are ready for consultation – Ausaf newspaperTAZAA News

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Washington (Newsdesk) America, known as a superpower, is close to bankruptcy, America is facing problems.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives has agreed to meet with President Joe Biden to fire him. According to World News, the number of government and opposition members in the US House of Representatives is more or less equal, and as a result of the vote, almost all speakers have been elected. .Kevin McCarthy finally decided to meet with President Joe Biden. It is worth noting that the authorization to take more debt to cover the government’s expenses must be obtained from the House of Representatives, where the majority of them come from. the opposition party, the speaker of which is Kevin McCarthy, a member of Trump’s party, and himself. Since the election, the president has refused to meet with Joe Biden. In connection with this unexpected meeting, the newly elected president said in a television program that he will meet with President Joe Biden on Wednesday , whose country is bankrupt, will meet. Kevin McCarthy, the President of the United States, added that the United States will not default on its national debt, but the government’s expenses, which reached 31.4 trillion dollars in June, require the Biden administration. , not to increase There should be certainty. The spokesman for the party of former President Trump warned that the government cannot spend more than the annual tax that is collected from its expenses. Similarly, the debt ceiling should be fixed. On the other hand, President Joe Biden and members of his party, the Democrats, want to approve an increase in the debt ceiling related to future spending, but the opposition party in the House of Representatives compared to members of the government Republicans have 10 more members. Based on their majority, the opposition party demanded the limitation of new expenses in order to limit the annual deficit, which exceeds 1 trillion dollars a year.

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