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HomeBusinessAn impeachment motion against President Arif Alvi Rano Sanoullah is being proposed...

An impeachment motion against President Arif Alvi Rano Sanoullah is being proposedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Federal Interior Minister Rano Sanoullah said that an impeachment request will be submitted against President Arif Alvi.
Web Desk: According to details, in a conversation with a private TV channel, Rano Sanoullo said that the decision to impeach the president Arif Alvi will be made by the head of the coalition government party.
He said that the election is a constitutional requirement, the president depends on the opinion of the prime minister, every action of the president is related to the consultation of the prime minister.
He said that the president of the country took an unconstitutional step and showed himself as Imran Khan’s successor.
Rana Sanoullah said that the president of the state committed an illegal and unconstitutional act. Even before this, the army commander fled to Lahore with the profile of the appointment. This act of going to Lahore and consulting with Imran Khan was not worthy of this position. it is very sad.
We remind you that President Arif Alvi announced the date of elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on April 9 according to Article 57A of the Constitution.
The federal government declared it unconstitutional.

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