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Announcement of Imran Khan’s objection to the appointment of interim Prime Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi – Daily AusafTAZAA News

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan protested against the appointment of interim Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi. Imran Khan told Zaman Park via video link that democracy is based on morality, democracy has moral standards, British Prime Minister had to resign for lying, British Prime Minister was defeated by one vote on Brexit. ,

resigns. He said that the standards of our democracy have fallen to such an extent that no one believes that the government can hold transparent elections. The main reason for the interim government is its neutrality. Well, Ahmed Sukhira is currently the secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers, we thought. there will be no objection to him while naveed akram cheema was also secretary of shehbaz sharif but he rejected all our names. He said that Jamiat Ulema Islam in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has appointed Azam Khan as the interim prime minister. He then said that I have never seen such a dishonest election commission in my life, taking into account all my details, now the court has demanded the Tosha-khana protocol from them, they say it is confidential. He claimed that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari stole the cars of Tosha Khana. One person was on the run to overthrow our government: Mohsin Naqvi: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the one person who tried the most to overthrow our government was Mohsin Naqvi, one person was running to overthrow our government. , the Intelligence Bureau reported on the activities of Mohsin Naqvi. He said, what will happen to the person whom Zardari made his son? In the world, Asif Zardari was called Mr. 10 priests, Mohsin Naqvi has neither moral standards nor impartiality, behind him are those people who defamed my name. it has improved so far, biting politicians will harm the country, Mohsin Naqvi will bring all those who are against us. . Mohsin Naqvi goes to court for appointment and date of election: PTI chairman Imran Khan declared that no one has harmed the country except this Election Commission, Mohsin Naqvi goes to court for appointment and date of election. He said that these thieves are trying to impose themselves on the country with fraud like Karachi. The nation should rise against these thieves. There is no difference between sheep and goats. He said that I will start the protest from tomorrow, tomorrow we will protest in Lahore, on Wednesday we will protest in Pindi, after that we will protest in Faizabad and Multan, every day the protest will start in different cities of the country. He does not recognize Muhsin Naqvi as the interim prime minister at all. It is worth mentioning that yesterday the Election Commission appointed Mohsin Naqvi as the Prime Minister and he took the oath at night. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf opposed Mohsin Naqvi’s appointment and announced that it will appeal against it in the Supreme Court. Needless to say, after the Punjab government and the opposition failed to agree on the name of the interim chief minister, the matter was referred to the Election Commission as per the constitution.

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