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Announcement of patronage of Sirojul Haque in Peshawar to the children of martyrsTAZAA News

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The explosion in Peshawar, Siraj ul Haq announced the patronage of the martyrs’ children

Peshawar (Daily Pakistan Online) Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Sirojul Haq said that the police mosque blast in Peshawar is a failure of federal and provincial governments and security agencies. The decisions taken in the past by the National Security Council have not been implemented. Protection of people’s lives and property, people’s dignity is a constitutional responsibility and a requirement of the government’s oath. If this responsibility is not fulfilled, the governor should admit failure and go home. He expressed these views while talking to the media after visiting the blast victims at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Amir Jamaat presented bouquets of flowers to the injured and prayed for their speedy recovery. He also prayed for the rise of martyrs and expressed his sympathy to the deceased. He announced that the Al-Khidmat Foundation will provide educational assistance to the children of the martyrs.

According to him, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, announced before his visit to Russia that he will discuss the issue of Afghanistan with Moscow.

Sirojul Haque said that PDM, PPP and PTI are fighting for seats and interests, political parties should focus on the country and think about the people instead of fighting against themselves. I want to convey a message to the governors that the nation can no longer endure, the time is near when the hands of the people will fall on the necks of the weak governors.



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