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Announcement of the long march of the National Federation of Students for the revival of student unionsTAZAA News

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It is the law of nature that a tree is not strong until its roots, it gives neither shade nor fruit. One of the main reasons for the development of people’s democracy in Pakistan is the absence of trade unions in educational institutions. With the exception of a few Third World countries, there is no country in the world where regular student union elections are not held, and therefore democracy exists at least in its basic form. There is no doubt that the student union is a red and green flower from which not only political and democratic leadership emerges, but wherever students become a part of the political process, those interested parties are also there for other charitable works. There is no need for those who are kicking money in the face by setting up NGOs.

To build a progressive and enlightened society, if young learners are stopped, such a society will be created where our ancestors have crawled on the earth like insects or died, where they have reached or where they are ahead, where our generation today is from political alienation to Social disloyalty has gone a step further and our next generation is going to educational institutions just to get a job.

If someone is sexually harassing female students in an educational institution, the rest of the students are more concerned about their grades than standing up to this abuse. Even when students of Pashtun-Baloch and Saraiki councils, who have come from far away, are tortured by armed thugs of Bagbacha political party student organization, the students do not have such a platform, desk, etc. nothing. There is no office where they can go and register their grievances. Every current and previous government changes the educational program for its political and economic interests, which is why the educational program is completely unscientific and based on fundamentalism. It becomes a curriculum that is out of step with the world at this stage of evolution. Therefore, our student today is either rejected due to lack of leadership skills or in his home country and has to repeat after graduation if he goes abroad for higher education.

Twenty subjects in which the country needs experts do not have departments, and the departments that have specialists do not have specialists, but these strong and powerful students have no choice but to “obey the oppressors” because there is no elected Student Union. Residences of state educational institutions are occupied by “Ahli Hikam” and male and female students of state educational institutions are also forced to stay in private dormitories. Instead of being widely justified during the first 12 years of education, children think according to their interests, but who can complain that the student union of their choice has been banned continuously since February 9, 1984.

In order to enter the educational institutions or in the absence of transport, they are sent to the committees that are organized by the educational institutions themselves and are either forced and subordinated or accompanied by the above-mentioned people. wisdom and oppression. There is no student union that can raise its voice against these atrocities. Even if the families of the students come to the campus with armed officers at the gates of the educational institutions, the secretaries torture them and there is no student representative to save them!

In the absence of more visible unions of students, the “class system of education” strengthens the class society like a ladder. Even these madrasah educated students are seen by society as terrorists who have never picked up a weapon. On the next level are the students of public educational institutions, to which nobody wants to send their children today. Then there are the private educational institutions on the streets that offer everything but education. Then there are the expensive educational institutions where the “relevant person” for our society is created with his feet in the mud and his head in the sky, and finally the expensive private educational institutions of the powerful classes where the children’s right to admission is their bank balance through interviews. with their parents before the test is guaranteed. But this system of class education, which educates a class society, is there any selective organization of students, that is, student union, in comparison with it? no! Because the ruling classes, who have nurtured this outdated education system for decades, are not interested in the society, the development of the country, or the future of this country, except for their personal and group interests.

The Sindh Assembly also passed the Students’ Union Restoration Bill due to the “Students’ Union Restoration” movement of the Pakistan National Students’ Federation, a continuation of the 100-day movement of 1984. was accepted under the leadership of Mian Reza Rabbani, Yusuf Reza Gelani also announced the restoration of the student union in the National Assembly as the prime minister, but the student union is still banned.


Therefore, the Pakistan National Students Federation announces a long foot march from Okara to Lahore from February 1, 2023 to meet the following demands for the restoration of the student union:

1. Elections of student unions should be held before general elections or elections of local bodies, in order to replace the class society with the foundations of a “real democratic people’s society”.
2. The platform of student union should be restored for male and female students to get the basic right of free education.
3. The student union should be restored so that the population in public educational institutions increases accordingly.
4. In order to achieve higher standards of education on a scientific basis in existing state educational institutions, the ban on student unions should be abolished.
5. Students’ Unions should be restructured to provide comprehensive education in the first 12 years.
6. Students’ unions should be revived so that they are provided with basic needs such as accommodation, transport and student libraries.
7. In order to adapt the educational program to the requirements of the present time, trade union elections should be held throughout the country, and elected representatives of teachers and students should be included in the committee in equal numbers to establish the educational program.

On February 1, 2023, a long foot march from the National Federation will start from Renala Khurd and proceed to the Punjab Assembly. On the way, delegations of representatives of various regions and cities will also join it, and the participants of the march will be welcomed at Tokar Niyazbek in Lahore. According to the announcement, they will cover a distance of 175 kilometers in 8-10 days, and in those days they will cover a distance of 15-20 kilometers.

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