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APC demand and national interest presented by the Prime MinisterTAZAA News

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Prime Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has decided to bring all the national political leaders to the same table to discuss important national challenges. For this purpose, a conference of all parties (APK) will be held on February 7. The entire political leadership, including the head of Tehreek Insoaf Imran Khan, has been invited to it. According to the Prime Minister’s office, all political leaders have been officially invited to participate in the all-party conference, which will be held on February 7 in Islamabad. Federal Minister Ayaz Sadiq contacted former Speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaisar and former Defense Minister Parvez Khattak and invited Imran Khan to participate in APC on behalf of the Prime Minister. Ayaz Sadik asked PTI leaders to announce the names of the representatives of his party. The PTI leaders have indicated that after receiving the invitation, they will consult with the top leadership and after that the government will be informed about the final decision.

The Prime Minister called the conference of all parties at a time when the country is once again in the grip of worst terrorism. No political party or organization can take Pakistan out of this situation. Therefore, it is necessary to make a joint effort. Especially after the recent terrorist act in the country, in which more than 100 people were killed, collective wisdom is needed to suppress this monster and deal with other challenges, now it is the work of only one party or individual. . is out In view of this need, the Prime Minister has decided to convene the All Parties Conference (APC) so that all political leaders in the country can sit together and in mutual consultation devise a common plan to meet the challenges. should be prepared and such a strategy should be prepared with consensus, through the implementation of which the country can be a leader in this test and ensure peace.

Among the main problems that the country is currently facing are political instability, economic depression and the deterioration of the law and order situation. Over the past few years, such confrontations, scandals and insults, accusations and insults between the political parties of the country have made the entire atmosphere of the country unhappy. Group and party interests prevailed over national and collective interests. Politics of hatred and enmity after political leaders at the head of political workers. The qualities of endurance, tolerance and tolerance have become a key point in our policy. The political leaders themselves do not tolerate talking to each other, sitting at the same table and looking at each other. The heat of hatred that burns in prejudice-tainted minds can be felt in all areas of life. As a result of this political competition, the economic situation of the country has also worsened. As a result of political instability, the law and order situation has deteriorated to such an extent that it is no longer possible to protect people’s lives. Due to political interference in the institutions, their reputation is also at risk. These institutions are administratively paralyzed and have lost their effectiveness, as a result of which the state has weakened and its writings are nowhere to be seen. The economic situation of the country is a logical result of our wrong planning and wrong priorities. None of the governments felt the need to use the country’s resources with integrity and a sense of responsibility and instead focused on getting loans from international financial organizations. The capitalist structure and the usurious system of the economy shook the foundation of our economic structure. Today, Pakistan is one of the weakest economies in the world. We have fallen from the level of developing countries to the level of underdeveloped countries.

For the first time in the history of the last ten years, the foreign exchange reserves have reached 3.8 billion dollars, which is very embarrassing for a nuclear country, and it is a pity that despite this alarming situation, our ruling elites are sacrificing the poor. people.. They are determined to be a goat. Our rulers have collected billions of dollars in foreign countries, but the pain of the country and the nation could not bring a penny to this country, their wealth is neither for this country nor its people. This country is only their vassal state, over which they rule, and after being deprived of the government, they return to their foreign abodes to indulge in luxuries. The conditions that can be seen in the country today are definitely the result of the mismanagement of our rulers, from which their subjects are suffering. Fortunately, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif decided to consult the political leadership to address the worst of the situation and the challenges so that a solution could be found. In the current conditions, holding such a conference is not only an urgent need of the time, but also a national need. It is now the constitutional, legal and moral responsibility of all political leaders to put aside their personal interests and egos and find a viable solution through mutual consultation.

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