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As a result of the collapse of the coal mine, two people died, and more deaths are expectedTAZAA News

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Due to the collapse of a coal mine in China, two people died, and dozens of people are still trapped in this mine.

According to foreign media reports, at least two people were killed due to the collapse of a coal mine in Alkha Liga Autonomous Region of Mongolia, while more than 50 people are still trapped in the mine, Chinese state media reports.

The state news agency of China said that the accident happened this afternoon and the preliminary investigation showed that more than 50 people were trapped under the mine. In another state of China, according to media reports, the total number of people in the mine remained 57, and it is said that cars were crushed after the collapse of the mine. The Chinese state channel CC TV reported that the accident was caused by the collapse of a shaft. which was managed by the Zinjing coal mining company. The official television organization says that a large number of workers and machines working in the mine were buried under the ground.

It should be said that Mongolia is an important area for the extraction of coal and other minerals in China. Critics say that large-scale mining in the area has ruined the landscape.


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