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Asad Umar wants to summon Maryam Nawaz, ministers from the courtTAZAA News

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Pakistan’s Chief Secretary Asad Umar said on Saturday that the court should summon Pakistan’s Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz and other federal ministers for contempt of court as they file serious allegations against them. the court

Talking to the media, he said it seems that the law is not functioning in the country and added that the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) should initiate a case against those who violate the law. “The Constitution is being violated without any fear, because Rano Sanoullah, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country, himself brought the audio tapes to the people,” he added. According to him, their goal was to target the judiciary and they are putting pressure on it.

He said that there is no ambiguity in holding elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa within 90 days. [of the dissolution of assemblies]. “They [the government] I consider this action of the court to be correct if it restores the passport of Mrs. Nawaz, but when I expressed my concern to the court in connection with the case of murder of Arshad Sharif, I was declared in contempt of court,” he added.


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