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“Asif Zardari stopped the arrest of Imran, now it is closed”TAZAA News

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A question arises as to why Imran Khan has the courage to accuse Asif Zardari at this time, in fact two days ago Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met with Asif Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Rahman. It was decided that the elections will be held based on the new census. Imran Khan felt that Asif Zardari wanted to delay the election, so he accused Asif Zardari. Until now, Asif Zardari had suspended the arrest of Imran Khan so that Imran Khan himself would be exposed. By accusing him, Imran Khan closed that door in his face. This is said by journalist Waqar Sati.

Speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show Khabar Se Aayde, Waqar Sati said that all politicians are worried about inflation. Earlier there was a political vacuum in Punjab due to which PTI was strong but now the arrival of Maryam Nawaz will fill this vacuum and PTI will face tough competition in the upcoming elections. Imran Khan is currently doing stupid things as usual instead of politics.

Senior journalist Amir Ilyas Rano says that Faiz Hameed was like a nightmare for PDP parties, so they rushed to end Imran Khan’s government. Nawaz Sharif was removed from power by preparing a complete conspiracy against him. The PDM was ready to dissolve the assembly in May, but after the May 25 incident, Nawaz Sharif insisted that he should not be intimidated by Imran Khan’s threats. With the arrival of Maryam Nawaz, PML-N gave the first message, but PML-N still has no report. If Maryam Nawaz continues to talk openly and enter into practical politics, then we will see a good contest between PML-N and PTI in Punjab.

He said the arrest of Fawad Choudhary sends a message to Imran Khan that he is no longer a puppet, he has to face any situation. On the other hand, they say that we took such great political risks to save the country, but no one asks Imran Khan and PTI. Destruction is brought to the country by a special conspiracy, open measures should be taken against all. Ishaq Dar has been late in going to the IMF, which has cost all parties in PDM.

Defense lawyer Raza Rahman said that Benazir Bhutto also wrote a letter about her possible murder. The legal aspect of Imran Khan’s allegations is that defamation laws in Pakistan are very weak and the case could take years. The case of Khoja Asif has been going on for a long time. If Imran Khan really thinks there is any threat to his life, the government should investigate him. If any external hand does such a thing, the blame will be on Asif Zardari and the government. Fawad Chaudhary was given strict conditions, so the term of his imprisonment was extended. They are being treated as terrorists, which is wrong. Farrukh Habib’s actions are condemnable, such actions lead to dangerous situations.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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