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Authority responsible for accidents; MPs demand to file cases against officials TAZAA News

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Vasai: The issue of potholes on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway and the accidents caused by it is becoming serious day by day. In the last 5 years, about 2000 accidents have occurred on this highway in which 511 people have died. MP Rajendra Gavit has requested the Commissioner of Police and the Superintendent of Police to file criminal charges against the Project Director of the Highway Authority, the relevant engineers, the road construction and maintenance repair contractor, and make them responsible for the accidents.

After leaving the Dahisar check post, the boundary of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway begins. It is located on the Gujarat border up to Achchad in Palghar district. The total length of this highway is 119 km. Encroachments on the highway, lack of service road, vehicles parked in the middle of the road, lack of mechanism to remove stalled vehicles, loose animals, mud and dust, inadequate dividers are causing accidents. Due to the ongoing monsoon, huge potholes have formed on the highway at various places. The number of accidents has increased due to these potholes. Citizens have been hit hard by the indifference of the highway authority and the company appointed by them to repair the potholes. In a press conference held in Vasai on Tuesday, Palghar MP Rajendra Gavit alleged that accidents are increasing as the Highways Authority is making efforts to fill potholes. On this occasion, he presented the statistics of accidents in the last 5 years. He has submitted a statement to the Commissioner of Police demanding to file a case under Section 304(2), Section 118 against the officers and contractors of the Highways Authority for this laxity. According to this, three officials of the highway authority and the contractor will be booked, he said.

Accidents on highways in the last five years

Total Accidents Injured Dead

1 thousand 821 1 thousand 653 511

What are clauses?

Section 304-Failure to fill potholes, knowing that his negligent acts may cause death in road vehicular accident. There is a provision of punishment up to 10 years for this. Section 118 (a)- Fine up to 1 lakh on authority and contractor in case of death or disability due to fault of road construction, maintenance contractor, authority, consultant under Motor Vehicle Act.

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