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Being grateful to one another spreads harmony Being grateful to one another spreads harmony Marathi Article TAZAA News

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AurangabadA day ago

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Good habits, behavior, thoughts and speech are also spread. Ram was doing the same. On reaching Ayodhya, he called his friends and asked them to meet his Guru Vasishtha. Among Rama’s companions were monkeys, chief among whom was Bibhishana and his army. The monkeys did not know how to treat the dignitaries in the palace, so Rama taught them. But, at the same time, Rama felt that Guru Vasishtha still had some different feelings towards the monkeys, so he immediately introduced his friends – ‘E sab sakha sunhu muni mere’. Where is Samar Sagar? Listen Muni, these are all my friends. They played the role of a ship in the sea of ​​war for me. He even gave his life for my sake. These are dearer to me than Bharata. Ram was saying that if someone has done something for someone, he should at least return the gratitude. Rama wanted to inculcate this habit in the society that we should be grateful to each other and the feeling spread in everyone that even if someone does a small thing for us, we should immediately express our gratitude to him or do something for him. It creates harmony in the society. An attitude of helping each other is encouraged.

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