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HomeBusinessBJP election expenses in 5 states Rs.344 crores! TAZAA News

BJP election expenses in 5 states Rs.344 crores! TAZAA News

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New Delhi, September 22: The election expenses of major parties BJP and Congress are huge. BJP has spent more than Congress. This was revealed when the reports submitted to the Election Commission were analyzed on the expenditure incurred in the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand this year. BJP has spent a total of Rs.344.27 crores in these 5 states. In the assembly elections held in these states in 2017, Rs. 218.26 crores was spent. The cost is 58% higher compared to then. Maximum Rs.221.32 crore was spent in UP. The expenditure in Punjab increased from Rs.7.43 crore to Rs.36.70 crore. 19.07 crores were spent in Goa elections. In Uttarakhand, the expenditure increased from Rs.7.86 crore to Rs.23.52 crore and in Manipur from Rs.23.48 crore to Rs.43.67 crore. Meanwhile, in the 63 days from the date of publication of the election announcement to the end of the election, a total of Rs. 914 crore funds were collected for the BJP. These are collected by the five state offices along with the central office.

Congress expenditure increased by 80 percent

As far as Congress is concerned, it has spent 80% more than before in 5 state elections. It spent Rs.108.14 crores in 2017 and Rs.194.80 crores in 2022. It said that Rs.15.67 crore was spent on social media and virtual campaign, although the details were not given state-wise. Funds of Rs.240.10 crores have been collected.

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