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HomeBusinessBlast in Peshawar Players and showbiz personalities are also depressedTAZAA News

Blast in Peshawar Players and showbiz personalities are also depressedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The martyrdom of 32 people in the explosion at the police mosque in Peshawar has also depressed national actors and showbiz personalities.

During the Zuhr prayer, a heavy explosion took place in the mosque of Peshawar police line, as a result of which 32 people were killed and more than 150 people were injured.

Officials said that the sound of the explosion was so intense and powerful that it could be heard from a distance, the explosion occurred inside the mosque and destroyed a part of the mosque. Bodies of the injured and corpses are being pulled from the ruins, while there are fears that more people will be buried.

Citizens of show business are also saddened by the death of the martyr in Peshawar and express their condolences to their families.

The former captains of the national team, Muhammad Hafiz and Shoaib Malik, prayed for the soul of the deceased and expressed their condolences to the families of the victims.

Former captain Shahid Afridi also expressed regret over this explosion and said that very difficult days are passing, now is the time of construction and prosperity of the country. We hope that it will not have any impact on PSL.

Shadab Khan wrote, “My prayers are with the victims of the Peshawar blast. This is a heartbreaking incident. We cannot even imagine the pain of the victims.”

Actor Faisal Qureshi shared the video of this incident and wrote that the time of decisive action against terrorists has begun.

Actress Sabo Qamar also expressed regret for the explosion and wrote that “my sympathies are with the affected families”.


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