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Bullettu Bandi song’s son of a married man caught by ACB as a corrupt employee – News18 Telugu TAZAA News

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A government official who was popular for his wedding procession has now been caught by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials for accepting bribes. Ashok, who is working as a town planner in Badung Pate Municipal Corporation office in Hyderabad, was caught red-handed by the ACB officials while accepting a bribe of thirty thousand. ACB officials are also continuing to search the residence of Ashok, who was caught taking bribe. They are inquiring about his properties and financial transactions.
ACB searches at home too..
Ashok, who was working as a town planning officer, was not known until about two years ago. After his marriage, both husband and wife became popular with the song Ashok’s wife Nee Bullettu Bandekki Laitta Pa Anna during the procession. Not only in Telangana, but many people have lost the memory of Ejanta with one song. But the bad luck is that Ashok’s name is going viral on social media saying that he is the corrupt official as he is caught taking a bribe due to his popularity.

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