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Business Plan: Rs. 3 lakh income with an investment of 20 thousand TAZAA News

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(Sayyad Rafi, News18, Mahbubnagar)
High profits are earned with low investment A young farmer from Dvitipalli village in Mahbunagar district who has completed his degree in Mekala Tirupathai found that he is not making much profit from traditional crop cultivation. One 1.10 with special focus on Vegetable Cultivation for six years. Acres have been allocated for this. According to the season, crops such as tomato (Tomoto), berkaya, lady ginger (Lady Ginger), eggplant and others are cultivated. Palekar’s proposed GO based organic farming methods are followed in Tirupatia, but the burden of investment with chemical fertilizers and insecticides and the increase in debts have not yielded much profit. Cattle manure plant protection like Neem oil Jivamritao is used. Okra is given high priority among vegetables. Harvesting starts 45 days after buying the seed of this crop. The crop can be harvested in three and a half months. They harvest at least 50 kg per day. Okra is being moved to Mahbubnagar market yards in Jadcharla Bhutpur under Mahbubnagar district. As it is sold by family members, the market price is available. At present, a kilo of okra fetches a price of Rs 40. It is regularly sold to some hotels. They are supplying to organic vegetable shops in Hyderabad for two days. More than 52 quintals of crops are sold in 105 days in one season. Even if the average price is Rs 30, they are earning Rs 1.57 lakh. A single okra fetches more than Rs 3.15 lakh during two seasons. He said that Rs 3 lakhs is left over after spending and the other vegetables will generate another Rs lakhs of income and we are giving priority to the vegetables which are being cultivated along with rice and other crops.
The cost will not be too much: Goats Tirupatia
After spraying pesticides, the vegetable garden smells worse than ever. How do we eat them? That is why I am cultivating with Palekar Go based organic method. There are tractors and bulls.. Rs. 500 diesel is enough to ensure a distance of three feet between plants. 4 thousand increased as seeds are less required. With another Rs 6,000, I started cultivation with neem oil, biological urine, cardamom juice. He said that 10,000 during the season and 20,000 will not cost more than twice

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