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By-elections for the other 31 seats in the National Assembly are underway – Ausaf dailyTAZAA News

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The schedule of by-elections for 31 more seats in the National Assembly continues. According to the Election Commission, by-elections for 31 seats of Majlisi Milli will be held on Sunday, March 19. Nominations can be submitted from February 10 to 14, and nominations can be withdrawn until March 1.

Election codes will be issued to candidates on March 2. Nomination papers will be reviewed until February 18, complaints about nomination papers will be submitted until February 22, electoral courts will decide on appeals until February 27. According to the information of the election commission, NA 5,6,7 Lower Dir, NA 8 Malakand, NA 9 Buner, NA 16 Abbotabad, NA 19 Swabi, NA 20 Mardan, NA 28 Peshawar, NA 30 Peshawar, NA A 34 Kirk, NA 40 Bajaur. Apart from NA 42 Mohmand, NA 44 Khyber, NA 61 Rawalpindi, NA 70 Gujarat, NA 87 Hafizabad, NA 93 Khushab, NA 96 Mianwali, NA 107 Faisalabad, NA 109 Faisalabad, NA 135 158 Multan , NA 164 and NA 165 Vihari will hold by-elections. It is worth noting that these seats became vacant after the resignation of the members of the National Assembly of Tehreek Insaf. Previously, the Electoral Commission published the schedule of mid-term elections for 33 vacant seats of the National Assembly, according to which the mid-term elections for 33 vacant seats of the National Assembly will be held on March 16, for which nomination documents will be submitted. will be offered from February 6 to 8. On March 16, re-elections will be held in which constituencies? Election Commission NO 4, NO 17, NO 18, NO 25, NO 26, NO 32, NO 38, NO 43, NO 52, 53, NO 54, NO 57, NO 63, NO 67, NO 97, NO 126, NA 130, NA 155, NA 156, NA 191, NA 241, N The election schedule was published in A-242, NA-243, NA-244, NA-247. , NA-250, NA-252, NA-254, NA-256 and NA-265.

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