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Chittoor Fire Accident: Terrible fire accident in Chittoor district.. 3 people were burnt alive TAZAA News

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Chittoor Fire Accident happened in Chittoor district. A major fire broke out in a paper plates manufacturing unit. Three people died in the fire. The incident took place at Rangachari street in Chittoor around 2 pm. According to the details given by the locals, a person named Bhaskar (65) owns a two-storied building in Rangachari Street. A paper plates manufacturing unit is being run on the ground floor. They live on the second floor. But on Tuesday night when everyone was fast asleep, a fire accident took place in the paper plates manufacturing unit. As paper plates have the property of burning quickly, the fire spread within seconds. The second floor was also on fire. Three people died on the spot in the accident. They have been identified as Bhaskar, Dilli Babu (35) and Balaji (25). Bhaskar and Dillibabu are father and son. This incident cast a shadow of sadness in Chittoor. Locals called the fire department after seeing the fire in the paper plates unit. But they did not do the firefighting in time. The fire had already spread on a large scale, he said. However, the locals broke down the doors and entered. The three people who were lying unconscious at home were rushed to the hospital. But the doctors said that they were already dead. Dilli Babu celebrated his birthday yesterday. It was on this occasion that his friend Balaji came to their house. Locals said that paper plates were not being manufactured at the time of the accident. They said that there were only three people in the house.. They were fast asleep when the fire broke out. Officials speculated that the accident might have been caused by a short circuit.

Another fire accident took place in Kakinada. A fire broke out at Momeen Tire Shop near Diwan Pond in Rajanagaram in the middle of the night. After receiving the information, the firemen went to the spot and controlled the fire. Firefighters revealed that no one was there at the time of the accident. The fire broke out due to a short circuit. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.

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