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CM Hemant Soren said on 1932 Khatian, there is no outsider or inner TAZAA News

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RANCHI: In Jharkhand Within the Hemant Soren government, the political effort to build a consensus on the Khatian of 1932 is going on. This issue was shadowed in the meeting of UPA MLAs held at the Chief Minister’s residence late on Thursday evening. Although UPA MLAs kept arguing about development plans in front of the media, Congress MP Geeta Koda and MLA Purnima Neeraj Singh spoke openly on this issue.

MP Geeta Koda said that the Chief Minister has seriously listened to the issue which she has been raising for the last few days and worked to convey her point to the Chief Minister through a letter. Instead of 1932, Khatian based local policy should be made. What will happen to the Birhor society when the Zamindari system ended in 1950? All these issues should be discussed.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren has assured to hold another meeting on the issue of Khatian. Jharia MLA Purnima Neeraj Singh also said that a separate meeting has been agreed upon. With this, he has said that there should be no difference between outer and inner.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren has also said that there is no outsider or inner. Apart from this, the ministers and MLAs who came out of the Chief Minister’s residence chanted the development plan. A special number has also been issued to the ruling MLAs. On which he will be able to put his point directly before the Chief Minister in case of emergency.

Gauri Rani report from Ranchi

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