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Confessions is a thrilling retelling of life’s tragic eventsTAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD-History is a great lesson for the enlightened to look at facts and make amends without regret. However, it is also the most hidden weapon if perverted by oppressors to increase fear and spread hidden agendas. Sevak: Confessions, a crime thriller anthology released on OTT platform Vidly.tv, is a successful retelling of the true story of post-partition India, with a rhetoric that has been propagated by Indian media over the years. The series is based on real-life incidents that expose the brutality of minorities in India. From the very beginning, he boldly believes his listeners that the fascist, terrorist and extremist forces in the Indian society are actively working to destroy the social order. Not only do these evil forces bring destruction and depression, but they are deliberately ignorant and arrogant enough to strategically repeat these crimes. The stories in Sevak show the brutal crimes committed by the RSS, the Indian government and their techniques in the form of mob violence against minorities, Hindu nationalist movements, the wave of populism, Hindutva supremacy, crimes against humanity, war crimes and violations that can amount to incitement to genocide. As soon as the horrifying accounts gained public attention, the series and the OTT platform were banned by India in a desperate attempt to hide the true events narrated without confirmation bias. The eight-episode series dissects gruesome and extremely heavy subjects, handled by actors who convey the truth with efficiency and substance. The web series spans nearly four decades – from 1984 to 2022 – and covers all the atrocities committed by Hindutva ideologues against religious minorities, especially Sikhs, Muslim Christians and Dalits, living in India. The series introduces us to an ambitious journalist Vidya (played by Hajra Yameen) who struggles to uncover the truth behind a murder involving her family.

The first episode also chronicles the struggles of Sikh actor Jeet Singh (played by Mohsin Abbas), who grew up watching anti-Sikh riots and the plight of his mother. From the beginning, we learn about Operation Blue Star (and later Operation Woodrose), where 5,000 innocent Sikhs were killed by the Indian Army in 1984 inside the Golden Temple. The series then moves on to the landmark Babri Masjid demolition and India’s deadliest anti-Muslim riots. He sheds light on the web of lies and deceit woven by the followers of the RSS ideology. As the story unfolds, it gradually reveals the shocking truths behind the murder of Graham Staines, the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, Gauri Lankesh, Hemant Karkare, the Samjauta Express blasts, Junaid Khan, Surekha Bohtmange and other heinous crimes.

The story in Sevak is riveting and it is relentless as it builds a terrifying tension with every atrocity and refuses to let go even for a brief moment. There is no caution, because the developers saw it in such a way that you first see the outcome and then the events leading up to it.

Sevak: The confessions leave us with an exciting question: what is the value of this advertisement? The answer lies throughout history in the form of the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs, Christians and Muslims on the sands of Dali.


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