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Confirmation of Kanye Variant BF Seven Corona virus in Pakistan – Daily Asas NewsTAZAA News

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KARACHI: A modified type of the Corona virus has emerged in Pakistan, which previously affected the people of China on a large scale. Experts associated with the University of Health Sciences in Karachi have identified a new variant of the Corona virus (genetically modified genes). Existence of the virus) It should be noted that it was called BF7, which had already caused widespread infection in China and is still present there. Genetic analysis confirmed this new variant. As such, this is the first case of BF 7 occurring in or entering Pakistan. Dr. Saeed Khan, who is associated with DA University, said that continuous sequencing of new variants is being done in his state-of-the-art laboratory. In this context, it is instructed that all citizens should follow all safety measures related to Corona.

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