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Contaminated eye drops in US deal big blow to Indian drug, says Pharmexcil rah mgbTAZAA News

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Allegations are being made against Chennai-based Global Pharma Healthcare that a drug sold in the US market to prevent eye problems has not been clinically tested. The Supreme Council of Pharmaceutical Exports of India has asked the company for details of an internal investigation in the next two days. This was reported by News18.com.

Pharmexcil is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. On February 3, he wrote a letter to Dr. Juma Venkatesh, CEO of Global Pharma Healthcare. The letter, obtained by News18, states that the company is registered with Pharmaxil. Active as a small-scale producer since 2005.

As this news has attracted the attention of the world community. PharmaExcel told the company that such an incident would bring the Indian pharmaceutical industry into disrepute and would likely affect international agencies’ confidence in Indian medicines. When contacted by News18.com, Pharmaxel CEO Uday Bhaskar said the incident is a big setback for the industry.

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He said, America is a very important market, according to 30 percent of our exports, it is an important world market. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is one of the strictest regulatory agencies.

He further told News18.com that India has earned the trust of the US by shipping a large percentage of its manufactured drugs to the US and having a large number of US FDA approved sites.

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