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Corona symptoms in dengue! Decreasing the oxygen level, start breathingTAZAA News

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Puber’s Pen Correspondent: Corona dengue symptoms now! Not only fever, but also sore throat, back pain. Even the oxygen levels in the body are declining. Difficulty breathing begins. All in all, the symptoms of covid are now seen in dengue and, more importantly, many patients are not declining platelets. But the physical condition is deteriorating very fast. As a result, complications in the treatment of this mosquito-borne disease are increasing in the current season.

Generally, when someone gets dengue, the platelets in the patient’s body decrease, this is more or less known by almost everyone. That conventional wisdom has also begun to change. Doctors say that perhaps the root of this is the ‘cytokine storm’.

The word that ordinary people have heard is mostly in the context of Covid virus infection. It caused the sudden death or deterioration of many patients. Different types of cytokines or special chemicals are released in some cases of dengue infection in the current season. This intense reaction of the immune system is causing a terrible situation like a virtual ‘storm’ inside the body. In fact, the watery part is leaving different blood vessels in the body and accumulating in different organs. As a result, the total amount of blood decreases, and the oxygen circulation system is disrupted. Because of that, there is a respiratory problem.

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