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Costco fans are thrilled to be bringing back a much-loved customer favorite this fall — and it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice.TAZAA News

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COSTCO fans are thrilled to have a much-loved customer favorite back this fall as Chicken Pot Pie debuts in 2022.

When the seasonal favorite returned to Instagram, the post was flooded with comments.

Costco's fall favorite is back


Costco’s fall favorite is backCredit: Getty
The pie retails for around $28-$30


The pie retails for around $28-$30Credit: Instagram

“This is delicious and easy to prepare for a quick dinner,” captioned the video on the @CostcoBuys account.

A pot pie retails for $4.99 a pound, which averages out to about $30, with the small a little more and the others a little less.

Commenters on the post lamented the price.

“I’m almost positive it’s $14-$15,” one wrote.

“Chicken pot pie is literally one of the easiest things you can make yourself if you want,” said another.

“That price is highway robbery.”

“Buy a rotisserie chicken and make your own for 1/4 the price!” Another person suggested.

The pot pie is warm and creamy and has developed quite a social media following.

Most read in The Scottish Sun

It can feed at least four people.

The US Sun recently reported on Costco deals, and how to tell if you’re getting a deal on an item.

If the price ends in .99, that amount usually means full price.

However, if the price ends in .97, it is likely a clearance item and marked up above its regular price.

Finally, if the price ends at .00 or .88, it means that the manager has shorted it.


This usually indicates that an item has been heavily discounted and Costco is trying to get rid of the product

Another influencer, Jennifer Maldonado, known as @CostcoCouture, shared deals that can help you scoop up lines like Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Jessica Simpson at the membership-only warehouse.

Maldonado told Fox Business that she was drawn to Costco’s clothing department at the start of the pandemic.

“When I was there and walking around the store, I quickly noticed that the brands that Costco carried were the same as Macy’s or Nordstrom,” she said.

She told Fox that she goes to various Costcos around Los Angeles at least twice a week to review clothes.

She said her ultimate goal is not to find designer brands, but to find affordable, quality fashion items.

Finally, a money expert reveals 21 things you can save money by shopping at Costco.

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