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Criminal daughters-in-law.. Cheating with nude videos and photos of aunts and uncles! TAZAA News

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Until now, daughters-in-law used to be the housemates.. They were supposed to look after their aunts and uncles as their parents.. They were supposed to talk without bothering them.. But, today, women have completely changed. The influence of TV serials and web series has changed them. They are thinking about how to threaten their aunts and uncles and husband with criminal thoughts and how to run illegal contact with strangers. An example of this is Kodali Bagotham..

– Digital Media, Andhra Prabha

A Delhi-based jeweler and his wife have been fighting for a long time. Camphor is not going well. However, it seems that the reason for this is that she is having an affair with another person. After a few days, the husband who knows his wife is upset. However.. the businessman’s wife has devised another dangerous trick to threaten him. The daughter-in-law has installed hidden cameras in the bedroom of her in-laws. Recorded their private photos and offensive videos.

Finally, she ran away from home with jewelery worth Rs 2 crore and cash of Rs 1.5 lakh. Based on the husband’s complaint, Delhi’s Lakshminagar police have registered a case and are investigating. Due to quarrels with the merchant’s wife, both of them are living in different rooms in the same house. However, since the husband came to know that the wife was having an affair with her college friend, there were more fights.

In this sequence, on September 5, the husband saw an obscene message from a friend on the wife’s mobile. After that he came to know about her love affair after reading other messages on the mobile. So he called his wife’s lover and asked her to meet him. Knowing this, the wife ran away with the jewelery and cash in the house.

The husband took shelter of the police. After that, the Kiladi lady who called her husband threatened her. She said that she installed hidden cameras in the room of her in-laws (husband’s parents) and took nude videos of them. If the case is not withdrawn, she threatened to post these videos on social media. Later, when the police checked, they found that cameras and recorders were installed in their room. The police have registered a case and are searching for the accused.

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