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Despite its vast role, Muslim media is suffering from apathy and financial crisis: AU AsifTAZAA News

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It is a pity that there have been many attempts to publish an English newspaper, but the Muslims have been deprived of an English newspaper and thus they do not have their own TV channel.

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Urdu media is dominant in India. At the beginning of the 19th century, an Indian gave the first newspaper to the peninsula, destroyed the freedom movement and sacrificed its existence and the life of one of its editors. This was said by the senior trilingual journalist and writer A.U. Asif in a lecture organized by the Islamic Jurisprudence Academy on “Indian Muslim Journalism: Pre-Independence and Post-Independence”.

He said that not only did he register his presence in every sphere of life, every language and every region, and he participated in the reconstruction of nations and nations, but despite this reputation, today he could not restore the influence he had in it. What it had to do is look like a stifled, broke and financially strapped media. He went on to say that it is necessary to pay attention to this aspect, because the development and power of any country depends on how alert, vigilant, realistic and goal-oriented its media is.

A. U. Asif, while reviewing the detailed history of Urdu media, which started in the first half of the same century before Ghadar in 1857, appreciated its prominent role in the freedom movement from Meerut and later in all the major languages ​​of the country except Urdu. . Presence, he said, exists in all spheres of life, be it religion or politics, society or education, business or industry, health and sports or the film industry.

He said that once Usman Asad’s weekly Nashiman and Ghulam Sarwar’s daily Sangam posed a threat in politics, even in 1967 Sangam played a key role in overthrowing the KB Sahai Congress government in Bihar state. role and instead of Mahamaya Prasad and Karpuri Thakur, who called for a piece of liver. Similarly, Muhammad Ali Johar’s Rafiq, Hamdard, and Abul Qalam Azad’s Al-Hilal and Al-Balog used their iron for freedom in the early 20th century. apart from the Khilafat Movement and the Non-Cooperative Movement, he played a major role in the movement.

In his presidential speech, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan presented the words of the distinguished speaker and journalist A. U. Asif and said that in order to expand the influence of Muslim media in different regions and languages ​​of the country, it should be more effective and stable, it should have its mass media in different languages. There is a need for its daily, while currently only one daily is popular in Malayalam, Gujarati and Bangla and is published in millions of separate editions, including in other languages ​​including Urdu. , Hindi and English. Reputable newspapers of all levels are needed, it is a tragedy that there are many attempts to have an English newspaper, but the Muslim media from the daily newspaper, similarly its own TV channel is still a dream.

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