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District presidents register volunteers Date of Bharu Jail movement to be announced soon: Imran KhanTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that after the incoming government, the constitution has been violated and the nation’s confidence in the constitution and law is increasing. The Jail Bharu movement for the rule of law and justice has been announced, the history of which I will tell shortly.

According to details, PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a video message that I want to explain to the nation why we want to start the Jail Bharu movement, nations are governed by the same law all over the world, but because it was introduced The government came, the constitution and laws of this country were violated.

He said that the situation is that the police is listening to the order of the court and not the state, an example of which is the Islamabad mayoral election, but the election has not been held yet.

Imran Khan said what constitution and government allows torture by revealing tweets, when Azam Swati was jailed again, about 30 FIRs were cut, Sheikh Rasheed was released on bail by the court. But more cases were registered in Sindh and Balochistan. are taken

The former prime minister said that nations are governed by law, the constitution decides what is legal and what is illegal, the constitution protects fundamental rights, but since the arrival of the incoming government, the constitution has been violated, people tweeted. And violence. ended, many did not regain their mental balance after the violence, peaceful protesters were tortured on May 25, the nation’s confidence in the constitution and law is growing.

PTI Chairman said that we have decided to imprison the movement of constitution and rule of law and justice, those who are facing corruption cases are sitting in power. they were tortured and kept in prison, but now they are being tortured on tweets.

They said, therefore, there are only 2 ways in front of us, one way is to destroy, block the roads, throw stones, turn around, but this will lead to chaos in the country, the situation in the country is already serious. In the history of Pakistan, the economy has reached the point they have and we have made it clear to their leaders that if you conspire and overthrow the government, they will not do it and that is what happened.

He said that this kind of inflation has never happened in the lives of ordinary people. On the one hand, inflation is increasing, and on the other hand, unemployment is increasing. The economic situation of the country is so bad that we started a peaceful protest. start Jail Bharu movement.

According to him, the court ordered that the local elections in Islamabad be held after 48 hours, but it has been a month that the elections have not been held, but the governors are running away from the elections.

I request my workers to start registering district presidents, we will start Jail Bharu movement in every city of Pakistan, after that we will decide the date on which day Jail Bharu movement will start and it will be after some time. it’s day That is why volunteers come. move forward as soon as possible and I believe our movement will achieve something that will give Pakistan real democracy and rule of law in Pakistan.

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