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Don’t be mechanical, try to know yourself Don’t be mechanical, try to know yourself Marathi Article TAZAA News

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Aurangabad10 hours ago

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There is a lot of work, but there is no one to do it. A similar scene is currently seen in our country. In the flood of news, three news have been washed away in the last few days. Look at them carefully. One news was about robots. Robot culture will dominate in future. Second, India will become a tele-factory in the near future. There will be plenty of qualified people here. In the third sad news, the technician was shot by the owner of the item due to the delay in the repair of the electronic item. This is a heinous crime. This should not happen. But, it is time to think about the reasons behind these three news. Man needs to be careful. There is also a need to save the humanity of the robots and those being produced in the tele-factories. This shot was fired, because the talk of workers not being available and doing what they are doing is drowning in inefficiency, greed has suddenly started everywhere. Now these two things are also considered vigilance. We are all becoming machines. The point of knowing oneself is over. So one cannot know oneself without focusing on spirituality, if we do not touch our soul we will see similar scenes outside. There will be less work and more violence.

Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta [email protected] Facebook:Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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